Halloween Heat III paranormal erotica anthologyThis week I’m very happy to welcome Paranormal Erotic Romance writer Antonia van Zandt, author of Serena, one of the stories in the Halloween Heat III anthology published by Etopia. Thanks for coming by to talk about yourself and your writing!

A. Thank you for inviting me. It’s great to be here.

Q: Antonia, I loved Serena. I was particularly intrigued by the mysterious relationship between your two main characters, Serena and Marianne. It reveals some secrets while hinting at so much more. Do you plan to leave the answers to the reader’s imagination, or will you write more about these two?

A: I’m glad you found them intriguing. They got to me too! At the moment I am happy for readers to make up their own back stories for them but as for future ventures featuring these two – well, never say never.

Q: Your bio says that you have a collection of family paintings. Was it one of these that inspired Serena?

A: There are quite a number and I find many inspire me to write stories about them. One painting features someone – not a relation – who is stunningly beautiful, with amazing eyes that seem to follow you around the room. A little spooky to be sure but I find her fascinating.

Q: Your bio also mentions that you’re descended from European royalty. Can you tell us more about that?

A: I can’t really say too much about the family connection as I don’t think some of them would approve of what I do.

Q: Understandable. Have you been published before?

A: Serena is my first published story but I have written two novellas which are under consideration.

Q: Having read Serena, I’m confident your novellas will get picked up. I can’t wait to read more of your work. So, tell us a little more about yourself.

Home town of author Antonia van ZandtA:  I was born in a lovely old English city called Salisbury which has a beautiful cathedral and is full of history. Some years ago I came to live in Vienna and, for many reasons I regard this as my spiritual home. I adore fine dining, going to the theatre, museums, art galleries and Vienna is the cultural heart of Europe so I’m spoilt for choice. It also has some lovely parks where I love to wander in Spring and Summer. I also adore cats and have a houseful.

Q: When did you start writing?

A: I’ve dabbled for years but a friend finally persuaded me to look for a publisher a few months ago.

Q: What does it look like when you’re writing?

A: I have a study where it is quiet, peaceful and quite often I burn perfumed incense to create a certain mood – sandalwood, vanilla or white musk. One or more of my cats will wander in and settle down near my chair. Often the only noise is the sound of their purring which I find helps me to concentrate (strange as it may sound). I also find it reassuring. In the wintertime, when the days are short, I like to switch on table lamps rather than the main light. With the light from my laptop, I can see perfectly well to type but the room is full of shadows and it helps create the right kind of spooky atmosphere. This is an old building and it tends to creak a lot.

The Lonely CountessQ: What are you reading now?

A: The Lonely Empress by Joan Haslip. It’s my favourite biography of the tragic Empress Elisabeth, wife of Austrian Emperor Franz Josef. I’ve read it a number of times but I’m planning on writing a story involving her, although she won’t be doing anything naughty. Others around her will!

Q: Pick one of your favorite authors, and tell us what you find most interesting about their work.

A: I love Anne Rice. She broke new ground in the field of paranormal erotic fiction and I love the dark atmosphere she creates – a menacing erotic sensuousness.

Q: Do you have any current projects?

A:  I am just putting the final touches to a novella set in Vienna and featuring two gorgeous hunks called Karl and Franz and a beautiful woman called Magda. What those three get up to with my main character, Andrea, I cannot say here, but it’s VERY naughty! There is also something different about those three, as Andrea is about to find out…

Q: How tantalizing! Now one last question, just for fun. If someone made a movie of your life, what would the title be? And what genre?

A: Gracious! There’s a question. Definitely drama because I’ve certainly had my moments over the years. It has most assuredly not been all plain sailing. As for a title… how about In Search of Myself. I think I’ve found me now, but it took a long time!

Sounds like an interesting film. I like journeys of self exploration – sounds like you’ve done a lot of that. It was a pleasure having you here with us, Antonia. Thank you so much!

A. Thank you, C.P. I really enjoyed it!

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