paranormal sexualityNot long ago, a friend in my erotica writers’ group asked me why I write mostly in the paranormal sub-genre. I didn’t know how to answer. It’s just what I feel inspired to write: sex and the supernatural. (Usually kinky sex.)

I think part of it is that I’m a very internal person. I live inside my own head. It’s a world of fantasy, where I see things in magical metaphors. The elements of my subconscious mind—drive, emotion, parts of my psyche that are not expressed on a conscious level—are given a mythical voice, or symbolized by forces of nature. When we write, we reveal our internal landscape, at least to some extent. I see mine in terms of magic. Natural, everyday things are given a numinous quality.






Supernatural sexThese are so overpowering that they feel superhuman to me. Too intense to unleash in the real world, or too frightening to fully experience. So when I sublimate them into my characters and stories, I create a world that expresses the magnitude in which I see those things.

Sex is one of our most powerful drives. In many of my stories, it takes the form of characters or supernatural powers that can’t be denied. The main character must surrender, or find extraordinary means to combat those powers.

Sex is also a force of nature. This divine energy flows within everyone and everything, the world around us and within us. On its most basic level, it is the force that constantly destroys and creates. Not just the physical act between animals, but on a more universal level. Quantum physics, emotions, reproduction, metaphysics, spirituality—sex is the force of change. It is connection, power, energy. What is more magical than that? I think I write it in supernatural terms because I see it as more powerful than what is on the surface in the mundane world. There is more to it than a joining of bodies, and I want to show that.

Plus, it can be really, really hot.