Today I’m thrilled to announce the release of Secret Studies, book two of the Arcaneology series and sequel to Dark Studies. These two books were originally one long monster of a novel, and I’ve got to say, breaking them into two separate books has been a bitch. Remind me never to do that again! So if book one felt a bit incomplete, well, that’s why. The ending to this one ties up all of the plot lines. While you don’t need to read book one (Dark Studies) in order to read Secret Studies, it would certainly add to the enjoyment. For more information, click on my home page where you can find a blurb and a link to an excerpt.

On Monday, I’ll start a give-away on FaceBook to celebrate the release of Secret Studies. Prizes will include copies of both Dark Studies and Secret Studies, blank book journals, vial-of-blood necklaces, and bookmarks. Stay tuned!