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Today I’m pleased to welcome fellow erotica author Ann Mayburn to talk about the more sensual side of BDSM. Ann’s writing is extra spicy, so brace yourself before reading the excerpt of her latest novel, below! Take it away, Ann…

When I first tell people that I write BDSM themed romance, the first response is wide eyes and a scandalized whisper of ‘you write that?’ I know right away what kind of BDSM they are picturing. The whips, chains, hardcore stuff that seems to dominate every media depiction of BDSM out there. While there are a great many people who practice, and love, the hardcore stuff, I’ve always been drawn to the more sensual side of BDSM. That’s not to say it isn’t freaky or kinky, but the kind of BDSM I love is more about trusting and exploring boundaries than breaking someone’s spirit.

As a woman I fell in love with the ‘scene’ for many reasons, but the main one being that in BDSM a great deal of the seduction and sexuality happens in your mind. Oh yes, your body is involved as well, but a really good Dominant is as interested in what is going inside of you as well as outside. Since women’s sexual response is more connected, in my opinion, to her mind than her body, this can lead to some really remarkable sex and intimacy. BDSM forces both partners to connect with each other during a scene, to pay attention to each other’s responses and forge a trust that allows for greater exploration. When that wonderful trust is established, amazing things can happen.

Ivan's Captive SubmissiveWhen I wrote Ivan’s Captive Submissive I wanted to show a woman who was ready to explore her sexuality, a woman who wasn’t afraid to be as kinky as she wanted and wasn’t going to let society dictate what her private sex life should be like, and I did this with Gia. No matter what the situation, she gives herself over to the moment with all of her heart because she trusts her hot Russian Dom to lead her safely to previously unexplored aspects of her sexuality. Because of her confidence in herself and her needs it not only allows her to enjoy herself, but also allows her Dom to give her the experience of a lifetime.

 I wanted to write a Dom who is not only rough and at times scary, but so achingly romantic that even when he is pushing his woman far beyond her limits there is never any doubt that he is doing it for their mutual pleasure as opposed to just for his own fulfillment. Ivan, the hero of the story, doesn’t just use Gia for sexual purposes. He finds a connection with her like nothing he’s ever experienced and quickly becomes addicted to his spirited American submissive. I’ll let you in on a little secret among Dominants: we get off because you get off. We want to give you the best sexual experience you’ve ever had because the joy, the pleasure you give us in return is a high like no other. It’s hard to explain it to those that haven’t experienced the high from a healthy BDSM relationship, but it is certainly addictive and when done right, can open a person’s soul to love like nothing else. Now, here is a little taste of Ivan.

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