sexy woman reading eroticaSometimes you just want smut.

I love a good story with a complex plot and rich characterization, but sometimes I find myself leafing through the pages of a book trying to find the “good stuff.” You know. The sex scenes. So while many of the books on my shelf are classics, there’s a little section next to my bed that has lots and lots of “good stuff.” And you know what? There’s nothing wrong with that. Not a damned thing.

Human beings are sexual creatures. It’s hardwired into our DNA. Instead of denying or suppressing that, I choose to celebrate it. Our bodies are made to enjoy sex, including self-stimulation, so it seems silly to me to act as if there’s something wrong with that. As long as I’m not harming myself or anyone else, I’m going to do what pleases me, and that includes what I read. And what I write.

Most of my stories start with a single sexual fantasy that’s been haunting my imagination. From there I build a plot, bring the characters to life and give them some depth, and hopefully tell a rich tale that goes beyond the fantasy that sparked it. But when I decided to write a short story for the Underground Erotica Anthology, I thought, what the hell, let’s have some smut. Thus was born Lord Lucien’s Lessons.

Man comparing erotic books to porn moviesThe original fantasy was a voyeuristic scene set in a tavern in the early 1800s. The main characters were a barmaid and a notorious rake who agrees to teach his friends how to please a woman. Of course, he needs someone on whom to demonstrate the techniques, and the barmaid is more than happy to help. So his friends sit back and watch while he shows them what’s what.

That scene was a bit too short for my taste, so I decided to have a few more lessons. You don’t get to be a notorious rake without having a wide range of tricks up your sleeve, after all. Since I didn’t want it to read like a letter to Hustler, I fleshed out the characters enough to make them fun and added a wee bit of plot. Just enough to make it an actual story. (Plus, a decent starter’s manual for satisfying a woman, at least from my point of view. Which may tell you more than you need to know about me, but I figure that’s true for what anyone writes, so what the hell.)

Giggling woman writing on a laptopIt was a nice break from what I usually do. I squirmed in my seat most of the time I was writing it, and had a lot of fun. I figure there must be others out there like me who occasionally (or perhaps frequently) just want some smut, so when the mood strikes, that’s what I’ll write. Life isn’t always heavy, deep and real. Sometimes it’s light, shallow and silly.

Viva la smut!