Cover art for Ivan's Captive SubmissiveMaking a low, hungry growl, he came onto the bed and grabbed her ankle, hauling her towards him as if she weighed no more than the pillows surrounding her. Without preamble, he shoved her legs open, his broad shoulders stretching her wide. The soft, warm brush of his lips against her inner thigh had her moaning softly and she abandoned herself to his touch, letting him do whatever he wanted to her. It wasn’t like she had much of a choice…or that’s what she told herself when guilt at her lack of resistance tried to intrude on the moment. She ground her pussy against his mouth and he nipped her labia hard enough to hurt.

He smiled at her pained moan and looked up at her. “You have such a beautiful cunt. My cunt.”

He nuzzled the mound of her pubic bone, rubbing the stubble of his chin against her in an altogether pleasurable manner. Her ass burned and she shifted, trying to get more comfortable. Making a displeased sound he slapped her thigh.

“Be still.”

She froze. Then, unable to help herself, she arched as his mouth sealed on her swollen sex. He could hold her pussy in his mouth all at once, and his touch felt sinfully good. He didn’t tease or nibble, instead, he ate her with an aggression that curled her toes. He began to suckle that tender bundle of nerves, driving her crazy. She moaned and thrashed beneath his onslaught, unable to control her own body. His licks gentled, becoming soothing strokes that only served to drive her higher.

“Master, please, you feel so good. May I come?”

He didn’t lift his mouth from her sex, only shook his head. She groaned in frustration and curled her legs around his shoulders, drawing him closer. Setting her heels against his back, she began to rock her pelvis against his greedy mouth, moaning with abandon as he began to press his thick tongue into her sheath. Her pussy clamped down on him, and when he pulled away, she moaned in distress.

Sitting back on the bed, he began to unbuckle his pants, then paused and looked at her where she was writhing against the comforter, her legs scissoring in an effort to alleviate the muscle-clenching need he’d unleashed in her. Damn, give the man five minutes eating her pussy, and she was ready to do anything and everything he wanted. Feeling wanton, she crawled across the bed towards him and sat back on her heels with her thighs spread, giving him an unimpeded view of her wet sex.

“How may I serve you, Master?”

He smiled, a slight dimple deepening next to his mouth that she hadn’t seen before. “I want you to ride me, dorogaya.”

Sliding out of his pants, he turned his hip so she couldn’t get a good view of his cock.


“Close your eyes and do not open them until you are about to come.”

Confused, she did as he asked, feeling very vulnerable without her sight to aid her. A moment later the bed shifted, and with a gentle touch, he pulled her along with him until the crisp hair of his thighs tickled against her. His warm scent enveloped her and she yearned to feel his body pinning hers to the bed.

“Lift your leg.”

She did as he commanded and he grasped her hips, moving her onto his lap as easily as a doll. A moment later, she heard the foil of a condom wrapper tear. When he pulled her closer the hard, very thick length of him rubbed against her slit and belly.

Dear God, the man was hung like a bull, too.

“Grasp my cock and put it inside of you, slowly. You have no choice. I am your Master and you will obey me.”

She groaned and reached between them, her senses heightened by her lack of sight. The smooth, spongy tip of his dick sheathed in latex met her questing fingertips and he tensed beneath her, already hard muscle turning to steel. She’d love to look at him right now, to see his expression and know if she was pleasing him. As messed up as it was, she wanted to make him feel good.

Lifting herself slightly, she rubbed the thick head of his erection back and forth through her slit, lubricating him and driving both of them crazy. He had much better patience than she did, because not once did he try to shove into her or jerk her down on him. Instead, he let her play and tease until she was panting.

Unfulfilled need made her aggressive, wanting him in deep right now. She placed the head of his cock against her sheath and prepared to slam herself down on him. He was thick, very thick, and it would hurt, but, fuck, she needed him to fill her. To give her an anchor to hold onto as she floated in the dark depths of her mind.

Before she could sheathe him, he gripped her hips and held her immobile, poised over his body.

Holy shit, he was strong.

Ever so slowly he lowered her until the fat mushroom cap of the head of his cock rubbed just inside of her entrance. The sensation almost had her eyes rolling back her head and she gasped. With a pleased rumble he lowered her a little more, now almost halfway inside of her. Then he pulled almost all the way back out and she groaned in frustration.

“Beg for it, my beautiful girl.”

“Oh God, Master, please fuck me. Please fill me up with your cock, ease the ache that you’ve left in my body. I want to come with you inside of me, I want to feel you all over me, surrounding me. I’ve been good, please.” She squeezed down her vaginal muscles, saying a thank you to kegel exercises, and delighted in his growl. “I want to milk that big dick of yours while you come inside of me.”

She braced her hands on his chest and he removed his hands from her hips. “You please me very much, my Gia. Show me the beauty of your willing submission.”