The fundraiser was as dull as a butter knife. Their host had a lovely mansion, but other than that it was the same old food, band and wet bar. Helena made polite conversation with the same old people, occasionally stealing a glance at the clock. She wondered whether it was too early to leave without being rude.

“Dance with me.”

The voice came from behind her, more of an order than a request. Helena turned, irritated by the man’s presumption. She stopped short when she saw it was a woman dressed in an elegantly cut tuxedo. Her short, blond hair had been swept back from a face that needed nothing to soften or frame it. The woman raised an eyebrow and offered Helena her arm. Intrigued, she took it and let herself be guided onto the dance floor. She was surprised to find her heart beating faster as the woman put one hand on her waist and held out the other. Helena placed hers in it.

“Tell me your name.” The woman held her loosely, so their bodies didn’t quite brush together. She led with just a hint of pressure as they danced.

“Helena. And yours?”

“Alex. Are you as bored as you looked over there?”

“Not anymore.”

A smile touched Alex’s lips, drawing Helena’s attention to them. They were thin with a sensuous curve, and naked of lipstick.

“I thought we might entertain one another,” Alex suggested. “Would you like that?”

“What did you have in mind?”

Alex inclined her head so she could murmur into Helena’s ear. “Perhaps we should speak more privately.”

Nervous excitement fluttered through Helena’s chest. She didn’t answer, and apparently Alex took her silence as assent. Without another word Alex led her out of the ballroom, down a hall, and into an empty room. A Persian rug covered the floor in front of a fireplace, and shelves of books lined the walls. It had the air of an old boy’s club, the sort of place a man might consider his domain but where a woman would never feel quite at home. Except for Alex. She looked as though she belonged there.

A leather armchair was angled next to the fireplace, and Alex went to stand behind it, bending forward to rest her forearms on its back.  Her gaze traveled down the length of Helena’s body, then up to meet her eyes. Alex crooked a finger.

No woman had ever treated Helena this way. She didn’t realize she was moving until she was half way across the room. Her steps faltered. Alex’s eyes creased at the corners and she waited, saying nothing until Helena came and sat in the chair.

It made her nervous having the woman at her back. Helena started to turn, but Alex took a handful of her hair and used it to hold her head still. Helena froze. Her vision lost focus as Alex skimmed a fingertip down the side of her throat. Helena began to breathe faster as the fingertip trailed over the rounded tops of her breasts. Her nipples tightened and stood out against the thin fabric of her dress. When Alex brushed her knuckles over one, every nerve ending in Helena’s body lit up.

“Raise your skirt,” Alex whispered.

Who was this woman? How did she have the audacity to ask such a thing? Helena started object, but the desire to obey overwhelmed her. With trembling hands she raised her skirt and bared her legs.

“Stockings instead of pantyhose.” Alex continued teasing the nipple. “I approve. Run your fingers up those lovely thighs.”

The woman’s voice wove a spell around Helena. She trailed her fingers up the length of her stockings and over their lace tops until she reached naked skin.

Warm lips nuzzled her ear. “Open your legs and lift your dress higher so I can see you.”

Heat settled low in her belly at the thought of exposing herself in this way. Helena drew the skirt to her waist and parted her legs, revealing her silky red thong.

“So obedient.” Alex tightened the grip on her hair. “Touch yourself.”

Helena sucked in a breath at this command. The thought of the woman watching her was unbelievably arousing. Sliding her fingertips higher, she pressed them against her clitoris and shuddered as pleasure rushed through her.

Alex grazed her lips over Helena’s temple. Her voice sounded husky as she asked, “Are you wet?”

Helena barely managed to answer. “Y-yes.”

“Show me.”

 Her flush deepened as Helena slipped her thong to one side so she could slide two fingers into her slit. They glistened when she drew them out and held them up for Alex to see. A hum of approval tickled her ear.

“Stroke your clit now. Pinch it.”

Helena’s clit throbbed as she took it between her thumb and fingers and gave it a gentle squeeze.

“Roll it around,” Alex breathed.

 A moan escaped Helena, and her toes curled as she obeyed. The exquisite sensations filled her until she thought she would burst.

“Faster.” Alex teased her nipple again.

Helena stroked faster. Tension built deep inside, more quickly than she could have imagined possible, and she rocked her hips as the pleasure grew so intense she could hardly bear it. Every muscle in her body went taught.

“Come for me.”

The orgasm burst over her, so powerful it nearly lifted her off the chair. Cries of release caught in her throat as wave after wave wracked her body. Helena stroked herself more slowly, drawing it out, acutely aware of Alex watching every tremor. At last she fell still and sighed.

Alex caressed her cheek. “Beautiful.”

Helena turned and nuzzled the woman’s fingers. Alex fell still. Then she lifted Helena’s chin and bent to give her a lingering kiss. Drawing back, she murmured, “Have dinner with me tomorrow night.”

It was more of an order than a request. Helena smiled. “Yes.”