Kate plucked a lilac dress from the rack and turned to Alex, holding it up. “What do you think?”

“It’s a dress.” Alex shrugged. She didn’t know squat about girly clothes.

“I’m going to try it on. Hold my purse.”

This must be how guys felt when their girlfriends dragged them along on shopping trips. Alex rolled her eyes and stood outside the dressing room, trying to hide the pink handbag under her arm. She caught one of the other customers staring at her.

“What’s your problem?” Alex scowled. She didn’t belong in this expensive little boutique. Her Doc Martens and black biker jacket made her look like a pit bull in a grooming salon full of poodles.

The woman moved off, suddenly interested in a display of scarves.

“Hey, Alex?” Kate’s voice drifted out of the changing room. “Can you help me zip this?”

Alex heaved a sigh. “Sure.”

The door opened a crack, and she squeezed inside. Grumbling, she shoved the purse on top of the pile of clothes Kate had taken off, then looked up.

And stared.

The dress clung to Kate’s slim body, flaring at the hips into a swishy, short skirt. Her legs seemed impossibly long, and her nipples stood out, making it obvious she’d taken off her bra. The color of the fabric made her tanned skin look like pure gold. Kate lifted her hair off her neck, and waited.

Alex’s hands shook as she found the zipper. She’d been careful not to come on to Kate, afraid of ruining their friendship, but it was getting damned hard. She longed to touch that smooth, soft skin. Wanted to bury her nose in Kate’s hair and inhale the scent of jasmine shampoo. As soon as she got the zipper up, she stepped away, only to bump into the wall.

Kate turned. She stood so close her breasts touched the front of Alex’s jacket. Letting go of her hair, she looked into Alex’s eyes. “What do you think now?”

Alex’s heart beat faster as Kate smiled up at her. “I…think…I’m not the best person to ask.”

“I swear you’re as dense as a block of concrete.” Taking hold of Alex’s collar, Kate pulled her down. Their lips grazed together, light as silk, and Alex hissed in a breath. Then she twisted them both around and pinned Kate to the wall, kissing her deeply.

In the next dressing room a woman cleared her throat.

Both of them raised their heads, eyes wide, breathing hard. Kate giggled. “Let’s get out of here.”

“Yeah.” Alex pulled away and grinned. “I’ll wait outside while you get your clothes on. Then we can go home and take them off again.”

“Should I buy the dress?”

“Hell, yes. And Kate?”


“I’ll never complain about shopping again.”