The dance club is packed so full it’s impossible to move without brushing against other people. I revel in the scents of sweat and perfume, feel the heat of bodies, the textures of clothing and skin and hair. I feast my eyes on men and women undulating to music.

As I move through the crowd I cast my net wide. All around me humans shift their posture and a miasma of pheromones follows in my wake. I smile at one woman and her eyes glaze over with desire. She doesn’t hesitate to follow me outside, and in the shadows of the alley I taste ripe lips eager to open, caress breasts that rise as she arches her back. I lift her short skirt, and the wet, warm clasp of her cunt makes me shudder as I ease my cock inside. I feed on the pleasure that consumes us both, so sweet and frothy, but there is not enough substance here to satisfy my hunger. I take as much from her as I dare before guiding her back into the club. Dreamy and dazed, she slumps in a booth while I hunt for meatier fare.

When I swept down from the heavens and looked upon the world of mankind, I saw wonders I had never imagined. Their bodies were so alive to sensation, capable of ecstasies beyond my comprehension. Out of clay and water I formed a body of my own, and the moment I poured myself into it I was consumed with need. For centuries, now, I have prowled the throngs of human civilizations, desperate to sate my hunger.

I find a promising trio of revelers at a table in the back of the room. The two women invite me to join them when I buy a round of drinks, though the man is reluctant at first. He has his arm around the blonde’s shoulders, so I sit beside the brunette.  Amusement lifts one corner of her mouth, and I wonder what has inspired it. I tip my head, intrigued, but the expression vanishes as my power overwhelms her. Pupils dilate, and nipples stiffen against the flimsy fabric of her dress. When she lifts her chin I cannot resist the kiss I am offered. The rapid beat of her heart thunders in my ears as our tongues meet, and I tremble with the urge to pull her onto my lap and have her right there.

I raise my head to find her two friends in a passionate embrace. The blonde guides the man’s hand under her shirt and all but climbs on top of him. The ripe musk of their desire tantalizes me, and I must reign in my hunger lest it madden them into forgetting where they are. I speak twice before gaining their attention. They turn flushed faces to me, and can only nod agreement when I invite them to a more private party at my home.

Such a banquet should be rich enough to sate me for a few hours. If they please me particularly well, perhaps I will keep them.